Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Round up 13/5/13

13th May 2013   Diana Barker   No Comments

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly update 13/5/13

Nurse Katie and Raffy

Nurse Katie and Raffy

Last week we celebrated our new vet Josh’s birthday. He tried to keep it a secret, but we have our ways of finding these things out! Chocolate mud cake was enjoyed by everyone in the hospital (some of our inpatients looked a little hopeful too!). Happy Birthday Josh.

We are putting together a new puppy booklet with all our puppy information. We hope it will provide new puppy owners a comprehensive resource for all their questions.
We had a bit of a photo shoot with one of the puppies from puppy preschool and nurse Katie, Raffy is a little french bulldog (you may have seen him on our facebook page), isn’t he adorable!

In other news we had a fantastic talk from veterinary behaviourist Robert Holmes about canine dementia or “funny old dogs” as he liked to call it. What was most interesting is the range of different signs an older dog can present with when they are losing their marbles. Staring into space, trembling, wandering around without purpose, hiding behind doors and aggression were just a few of the signs Robert mentioned. If you would like more information about doggy senility, see our blog from a few weeks ago or give the hospital a call on 03 9510 1335. If only we could get our dogs doing sudoku!

We hope all the Mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday and hope you were spoilt rotten and given lots of cuddles by all your children (including the adopted furry ones!).

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