Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13

25th August 2013   Diana Barker   No Comments

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13

What an interesting week we’ve had! Lots of good surgery and lovely patients coming to visit us through the last week. We had Panda the cheeky 5 month old Corgi who hoovers everything she comes across – she’s so quick! As a result she was feeling a little sick for a few days and stayed with us in hospital until she was back to her mischievous tricks. Let’s hope she grows out of her “swallow before tasting” phase soon!

We also saw Wanda the dachshund who had a lump under her jaw called a salivary mucocele. This usually occurs when there has been damage to the salivary duct that drains the saliva into the mouth. Becuase there has been trauma, the gland can no longer drain and a saliva filled mass forms under the jaw. One of the main culprits that causes damage to the duct is chewing chicken bones! Unfortunately the only way to fix the problem is to perform surgery to remove the salivary glands and Wanda had surgery on Friday. Let’s hope she’s making a speedy recovery.

Our focus has been on dental health this month and we have been cleaning quite a few teeth recently. Dental health is so important for our pets as the bacteria and pain associated with bad dental hygiene has implications for your pet’s general health. We have put together a guideline on how to brush your pet’s teeth but if you would like any pointers then please don’t hesitate to book in for your FREE dental check with one of the nurses.

We also wanted to take the chance to update you on Rumpy’s progress – he is going great guns and making a good recovery. We’re still taking things slowly but we think he is enjoying being back at home with his sister and family. I think he enjoys visiting us everyday, even if it’s just for the treats!

Wishing you all a good week!

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