Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly scoop 29/7/13

28th July 2013   Diana Barker   No Comments

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly scoop 29/7/13

We have had a busy week a Prahran Vet with lots of longer term hospital patients, a new puppy school and some interesting cases along the way. Wandering_Jew_in_Flower

Recently, we have seen many cases of wandering jew dermatitis – an itchy rash caused by your pet coming into contact with the weed, Wandering Jew (Tradescantia spp).

We usually need to treat the rash with oral or topical cortisone (simpler medications such as antihistamines are not generally enough) and obviously avoiding the wandering jew. If you think your pet may have a Wandering Jew or Tradescantia spp hypersensitivity, you can perform an easy “patch” test by breaking up a leaf and rubbing a small area on the inside of your pet’s ear. If your pet comes up with a rash, you have some gardening to do!

One of our hospital patients this week was Millie. She had eaten something last week that caused damage to her kidneys. In order to help the kidneys function she had to stay in hospital on a drip all week. At the beginning of the week she wasn’t entirely happy about being with us (I’m pretty sure she wanted to be back at home in bed!), but once she got to know us the cuddles were a little more forthcoming. Millie was discharged on Friday and will be having a few more tests this week to see how she is progressing. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

Wednesday night saw a new class of puppy schoolers at the hospital. Did you see their cute faces? Katie has posted all their photos on our facebook page for eveyone to enjoy!

Throughout August we will be promoting Dental health month and have lots of promotions happening. Make sure you book in for your FREE Dental check in August now! Just call Prahran Vet on 9510 1335.

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