Does your pet suffer from allergies?

Allergic skin disease is becoming more common in our pets and can present itself is several different ways: Scratching, licking, biting and recurrent ear infections are some of the most commonly seen signs of allergies in dogs and cats today. Left untreated these signs can lead to bacterial and fungal infections as well as hair loss and great discomfort to your pet.

We now have the ability to diagnose allergies to lots of common things in the environment by a simple blood test. Contact us to book in for this test.itchy

Allergens tested using the Allercept® IgE tests in Australia have been handpicked by Veterinary Dermatologist for Australian conditions.

Weeds Mites/Insects
Curled Dock Flea Saliva
Sheep Sorrel Ant
Red Root Amaranth Cockroach
Fat Hen D.pteronyssinus
Lamb’s Tongue D.farinae
Perennila Ragweed Tyrophagus putrescentiae
Mugwort Grasses
Mustard Week Paspalum
Dandelion Couch (Bermuda Grass)
Daisy Broome Grass
Trees Phalaris (Canary Grass)
Elm Sweet Vernal
Maple Kentucky Blue Grass
Grey Birch Orchard Grass
Red Oak Bent Grass (Red Top)
Silver Poplar Timothy Grass
Liquidamber Perennial Grass
Plane Tree Yorkshire Fog
Privet Johnson Grass
Peppercorn Moulds
Cypress Alternaria
Black Widow Aspergillus
Pine Mix Cladosporium
Eucalyptus Penicillium