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It’s official. Prahran Toorak Veterinary Hospital is now an Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association (ASAVA)  Accredited Hospital of Excellence.  This means that we have been recognised as a practice that achieves the highest level of quality health care and practice management in innovative, state-of-the-art hospital facilities. ASAVA Accredited Hospitals set a benchmark to inspire other small animal practitioners when assessing their own facilities and standards.

The long road to accreditation

In 2004, as we were designing our new hospital, we make the decision to build and equip it so that it would meet meet the strict requirements prescribed by the ASAVA Hospital Accreditation Scheme.  The building was designed by John Hamilton, a veterinarian whose extensive knowledge of veterinary hospital design was tested by the small footprint we had to work with.  His design has been a resounding success, it is a building that we take pleasure in working in every day. 682Frnt

Next we had to substantially improve and modernise our equipment.  The ultrasound we brought up from 646 Malvern Road was the size of a small car.  Now we are the proud owners of a portable unit that produces pictures of far superior quality.  Likewise our radiology suite was modernised by the addition of digital radiology in 2009.  This year we expanded our x-ray facility to include dental radiology which is proving invaluable in assessing dental health. Of course we also have a dental trolley for scaling, polishing and drilling that would not look out of place in your own dentist’s surgery.  Our surgical equipment has had a major overhaul including the purchase of specialist orthopedic equipment.TourLaboratory  We routinely perform sophisticated orthopaedic surgeries now. Our in-house pathology allows us to perform blood and urine tests and is especially beneficial for hospitalised patients as results are available in less than fifteen minutes. Updating our microscope in 2011 has really opened our eyes, allowing us to examine samples while you wait and so make good decisions about the medications we choose to treat infections or whether a lump needs to be surgically removed.


Arguably the most important stage in accreditation was to ensure that the people who work in our wonderful facility have the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to provide outstanding service day in, day out to you, our loyal clients.  This has been challenging at times as our patient numbers, and therefore our staffing levels have increased.  We are now the proud employers of more than twenty staff – all of whom are avid pet lovers, with an enthusiasm for their work that does them credit. Through ongoing training, consultation and communication we are able to provide a consistently high level of expertise and service for all the people who trust us with their pet’s care.Kay-Wallace

Finally, the process for accreditation involved the submission of an comprehensive application document. We also submitted copies of clinical, surgical, dental, medical and imaging cases for external review by specialists. The final hurdle was the physical inspection of the hospital. Last month we were visited by a team of hospital inspectors who came to view our facilities and randomly select cases for assessment.  Their visit lasted more than three hours, but far from being an anxious experience we were gratified by their appreciation of our work.  As they left we received a verbal “thumbs up”, but we didn’t pop the champagne corks until official notification came through last week.

What does it mean for you, our clients?

It is all about confidence and trust.  As one of only twenty four hospitals of excellence Australia wide you can trust that we have the equipment and skills to provide a very high level of care for your treasured pet.  On an individual level you can be confident that every member of our team is dedicated to looking after you and your pet on a very personal and individual level.  No matter what comes after our name we are still “The Friendly Vet”



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