Keyhole Surgery for Pets

What is Keyhole Surgery? Also known as minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery, this type of surgery is already the gold standard in care for many human health procedures. Keyhole surgery is available at only a limited number of vet practices in Australia, Prahran Veterinary Hospital is proud to lead the way in offering an… Read more »

Pet Dental Health Month 2017 – Leave it to the Experts

Why is an oral health examination essential for your pet? Providing your pet with good oral care is essential for them to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Dental disease that is left untreated is painful for your pet and can lead to other serious health problems including infections in the kidneys, liver and heart.  Remember, pets will… Read more »

What Does it Cost to Own a Pet ?

Most of us wouldn’t baulk at spending money on our much loved furry companions; here at The Friendly Vet we appreciate that the cost of pet care may not be a concern for everyone. How many of us understand the true financial impact of caring for a pet though? A recent survey in the UK… Read more »

Grass Seeds: Causing Headaches

We’ve been inundated with grass seed problems earlier than usual this summer.  Is your dog shaking its head, chewing between the toes or rubbing at its eyes? At this time of year, chances are grass seeds could be to blame. Grass awns have an unhappy knack of embedding into the skin or even body cavities of… Read more »

Elvis writes again

Hi it’s me Elvis, your sponsor puppy. How are you? I’m getting bigger and bigger everyday! I’m very excited to be in touch again and have so much to tell you. I’ve moved in with my puppy carers and they are such lovely people. I spend most of my time with Mum (Rebecca), who is… Read more »

Ask a Pet Dental Expert

Dental disease affects nearly four out of five pets over the age of three, whilst it’s easy to recognise bad breath or other signs of dental disease in more advanced cases, Dr Nicole Hoskin MANZCVS (dentistry and oral surgery) discusses what it is that makes your vet’s opinion the most important one when it comes… Read more »

How kissable is your pet?

As August approaches we’re puckering up for dental month at Prahran. Ask yourself, how kissable is your pet? Dental disease affects four out of five adult pets, so in order to ensure your little smoocher isn’t at risk we’re offering them a FREE oral health exam during August at the Prahran Pet Kissing Booth! The… Read more »


Healthcare Tips for Senior Pets A senior pet – defined as being older than eight years of age – has different health requirements than a younger pet. Here are some great tips to help you keep your senior pet healthy. 1. DON’T FORGET THE HEALTH CHECK-UPS Make sure your senior pet has regular visits to… Read more »