Hold the Phon-ophobia! Help for Noise Sensitive Pets

Some pets are fearful of sudden and loud noises (such as thunderstorms, fire works, hot air balloons). This condition is called Phonophobia and can manifest in a number of problem behaviours: Increased vocalisation (barking, howling etc) Destructive behaviour House-soiling Running away Hiding Hypervigilant behaviour. A phobia is a maladaptive fear response that is out of… Read more »

Keyhole Surgery for Pets

What is Keyhole Surgery? Also known as minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery, this type of surgery is already the gold standard in care for many human health procedures. Keyhole surgery is available at only a limited number of vet practices in Australia, Prahran Veterinary Hospital is proud to lead the way in offering an… Read more »

Evie our Story Dog

Prahran Veterinary Hospital is the proud sponsor of Story Dog “Evie”, a miniature labradoodle, who along with several other Story Dogs, is a client of our practice. Story Dogs is a reading program aimed at building confidence and a love of reading. Selected children read to an accredited gentle dog, accompanied by its owner, all… Read more »

Pet Dental Health Month 2017 – Leave it to the Experts

Why is an oral health examination essential for your pet? Providing your pet with good oral care is essential for them to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Dental disease that is left untreated is painful for your pet and can lead to other serious health problems including infections in the kidneys, liver and heart.  Remember, pets will… Read more »

Pet Dental Month 2017

Once again it’s pet dental month. Some more exciting information and promotions about to follow including Free nurse dental checks in our kissing booth   Book in a dental procedure this month to take place in either August or September, and receive – 10% discount – Free dental home care pack – Small bag of… Read more »

Please tell us what you think

Why not take a few minutes to complete our client experience survey? Already this year Prahran Vet Hospital has been formally inspected by the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association, toured by a large delegation from the Australian Vet Association’s annual conference, as well as entertained inquisitive visitors from all corners of the veterinary profession. We’ve… Read more »

What Does it Cost to Own a Pet ?

Most of us wouldn’t baulk at spending money on our much loved furry companions; here at The Friendly Vet we appreciate that the cost of pet care may not be a concern for everyone. How many of us understand the true financial impact of caring for a pet though? A recent survey in the UK… Read more »

Take A Tour

Ever wanted to have a look behind the scenes of an ASAVA accredited hospital? Take a virtual tour of Prahran Veterinary Hospital via these  360 degree view  images. It is a wonderful way to see your pet’s first class hospital facilities.