We take the ‘Pet’ out of Petrified!

What do we mean when we say that a veterinary visit is Fear Free? A veterinary team member who is Fear Free Certified® wants your pet to be happy when he comes through the door of the clinic. Fear Free doesn’t mean that your pet will never experience anything uncomfortable at the vet – they… Read more »


Play it Cool this Summer With summer now in full swing we have noted an increase in the number of pets presenting to us for symptoms of heatstroke. Even the healthiest of animals is at risk of serious overheating and sunburn if exposed to hot weather, and if not treated rapidly this can result in… Read more »

Spencer’s Cautionary Tale

This month our resident dental expert Dr Nicole Hoskin ponders the challenges in identifying and treating dental problems in our pets.  She also delivers a cautionary tale which illustrates the danger of substituting your vet’s care, when it comes to pet dental health   Once again August rolls around and with it our annual focus… Read more »

Pet Dental Health Month

August is Pet Dental Health Month and we’ll be receiving a visit from the ‘Tooth Furry’ (just like the Tooth Fairy, but hairy). The Tooth Furry loves to reward good oral care and she ain’t got time for dental decay, so be honest: Could your pet’s teeth do with some TLC?   We’re offering some… Read more »

What’s Preschool for Puppies?

Nurse Michelle tells us why it’s one of the most important first steps you can take with your pup: Have you been mystified by the abundance of playful happy puppies crowding our reception area most evenings? Chances are that one of our popular puppy preschool classes is about to commence. This four week programme is… Read more »

Hold the Phon-ophobia! Help for Noise Sensitive Pets

Some pets are fearful of sudden and loud noises (such as thunderstorms, fire works, hot air balloons). This condition is called Phonophobia and can manifest in a number of problem behaviours: Increased vocalisation (barking, howling etc) Destructive behaviour House-soiling Running away Hiding Hypervigilant behaviour. A phobia is a maladaptive fear response that is out of… Read more »

Keyhole Surgery for Pets

What is Keyhole Surgery? Also known as minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery, this type of surgery is already the gold standard in care for many human health procedures. Keyhole surgery is available at only a limited number of vet practices in Australia, Prahran Veterinary Hospital is proud to lead the way in offering an… Read more »

Evie our Story Dog

Prahran Veterinary Hospital is the proud sponsor of Story Dog “Evie”, a miniature labradoodle, who along with several other Story Dogs, is a client of our practice. Story Dogs is a reading program aimed at building confidence and a love of reading. Selected children read to an accredited gentle dog, accompanied by its owner, all… Read more »