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Hi. It’s me Cooper, how are you? I have certainly been a busy boy! Where to start?

Cooper in December 2012

Well my toe was still playing up and after getting it checked by a specialist it was decided that it would be best for me to have a small operation. I have had the operation now and I moved in with my trainer Nadine while I was recovering. Finally my toe is not giving me any more problems -yay!

When I came back to training at Camp SEDA it was decided that I would be trained by a new instructor named Lester this is so that when I’m being matched with a client it’s not difficult for the client to bond with me as I have formed such a strong bond with Nadine now I have lived with her.

I still see Nadine around Camp SEDA -she loves coming over to me just to see my smile. She thinks I’m such a happy and excited boy. She tells me I do something funny every day and that I can be a bit of a goof-ball but I’m just so happy around people (I think I’m her favourite -shhhhhh don’t tell anyone)

Well in training I’ve learnt all the technical things like; walking in a straight line, stopping at kerbs, to cross roads nice and straight, avoiding any type of obstacle, responding to all sorts of commands (including left and right), finding objects (buttons at traffic lights, seats, counters, etc.), how to do escalators, lifts and steps and a host of other jobs. What I now need to learn is, how to do all this with less support. This means less help from the handler. The handler will still give me praise but won’t help me with decision making -I will need to learn how to figure things out for myself. Lester tells me I will also need to learn to concentrate for longer periods. This comes with time apparently.

My biggest challenge with my training so far I’m told is the fact that, I am a very happy dog which means I sometimes find it difficult to contain myself! Apparently I sometimes look as though I want to jump out of my own skin I’m so excited -oops!!

Lester has been impressed by my skills though and said that I am very smart, so I do most things well when I’m concentrating and not over-excited. What is lovely about me Lester said -is that I always love to go out for walks and I’m very keen to do my work.

My trainers say “Cooper is a very happy dog. He is incredibly friendly and will occasionally try to greet people while he is out working. He is good with other dogs and even with cats. He loves going out for walks and enjoys his work. He has a mischievous side to him too though! Cooper is a good worker. He enjoys his job. He is still young though and sometimes lacks a little concentration and confidence. These will both improve with time.

We are looking to match Cooper with a client shortly. Since Cooper is a big boy, walks almost at a fast pace and can be strong at times we would prefer to match him with a man who walks the same kind of speed. As Cooper is smart he would do best with some variety in his work which means he needs someone who will be out and about to different places. With Cooper’s mischievous nature the person would need to be quite a confident, capable traveller who has good orientation. Lester thinks I’m almost ready to be matched with a client. How exciting!!

My usual training day goes something like this. When the trainers/instructors arrive, I get toileted and then I get my breakfast -yummy. Once my tummy has settled with my breakfast I go out for a walk with Lester. The walk can be anywhere from an hour to two hours. When we get back I will get a chance to rest (normally I pass out!). In the afternoon I will go out for another walk but this one will be shorter than the morning walk. Once I’m back, I will be placed in my kennel so I can rest again. Then I will get dinner and then it’s time to sleep.

Well I hope you enjoyed my letter. Paws crossed The SEDA team find me a match soon. I’ll be sure to keep you updated. I definitely couldn’t learn all these things without your support -so thank you so much. I hope I can make you proud.

Until next letter, big kisses and hugs

P.S I hope you like my photo Clancy the Kennel cat wanted to join in to.


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