Deadly Cat Disease in Melbourne

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Feline Enteritis (or Feline Panleukopenia)  is a disease of cats that has been very uncommon in recent years because of the widespread use of the very effective vaccination against the condition.

Feline Enteritis

The Disease Watchdog ( is an organisation that monitors cases of infectious diseases in cats and dogs. There had been NO reported cases of feline enteritis in the last four years but more than 50 cases have been documented in the last few months.

What is it?

Feline Enteritis is caused by a virus (a parvovirus). Cats get this virus from another infected cat but the virus is very hardy and can live for up to a year in the environment. People can transfer the virus on their clothes and even their shoes. This means cats that don’t contact other cats can get the disease.

What does it do?

The virus attacks rapidly dividing cells, especially of the gut and blood. This results is vomiting and diarrhoea (Enteritis) and rapid dehydration. The number of blood cells drops dramatically too (Panleukopenia) leaving the cat very susceptible to secondary infection.

Can it be treated?

Treatment is entirely supportive and consist of IV fluids, antibiotics and other supportive treatment. Many cats do not survive a severe infection.

What can I do?

Fortunately Feline Enteritis is easily prevented with a very effective and safe vaccine. The vaccine needs to be boostered regularly throughout life. If you are unsure if your cat’s vaccination is current, please contact us on 03 9510 1335 or email on



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