August is Dental Health Month at Prahran, so there’s no better time to ‘brush up’ on pet dental disease


Without a doubt, dental disease is the most common health problem we see each day – **80 percent of cats and dogs aged over three are affected** – and it’s largely preventable! Not only that, but the repercussions of dental disease can extend far beyond bad breath: Heart, kidneys and other organs can be damaged by dental disease that is left untreated.

Thankfully, there are many simple things pet lovers can do to reverse the rot! All month long we’re offering some great solutions to help you meet their dental needs:


    ♦ FREE DENTAL HEALTH CHECK in which we’ll help formulate an oral care plan specific to your pet’s needs
      ♦ 10% DISCOUNT and FREE BAG OF HILL’S T/D dental diet for all pets booked during August for dental cleaning procedures.


*While stocks last

So, to put an end to your pet’s days of dental delinquency, call 95101335

Mouth Mythbuster

Our resident pet dental expert Dr Nicole Hoskin addresses some of the common misconceptions about pets and their oral health this month in her blog.

Every cat and dog has teeth right? You see them every day, but how much do you really know about them? A pet’s teeth are the first part of the digestive system and are important in starting the breakdown of food. They can also bring misery and suffering when dental disease strikes and sadly many of our patients suffer in silence.