Elvis Says Hello

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Elvis Says Hello

Woof, woof! Hi, it’s Elvis here again! I’ve been excited to write to you and tell you about everything I’ve been learning lately. It’s so wonderful having you as my puppy sponsor. Thank you for helping me get the training I need to hopefully become a fully qualified Seeing Eye Dog one day!

I’ve been working my paws off lately at my training. Mum’s commented that I do such a good job at not being distracted by things, like kids or noisy birds and cats (though I’m not sure who would be excited by cats anyway really, hehe). I still find it hard not be distracted when other dogs are around. I just love to play. Mum helps me keep focused with some tasty treats and I’m doing much better with dogs when I’m wearing my special blue coat.

I’m very confident with all my commands but sometimes I pretend I can’t hear them so I can keep mucking about, hehe. The good news is that Mum is very patient and realises that despite how much I’ve grown I’m still only a little puppy.

We agree that I am very good at ignoring food that has been left close by. It smells yummy but I’m trying very hard to be well-behaved. Recently, Scout hadn’t eaten her dinner and I saw it when I went out to “do my jobs” but I just kept going and didn’t get distracted. Yay me! Mum was so proud of me.

I had so much fun when we got to go on a train ride for our last group training session. Yippee! Mum said that I took it all in my stride. I love making her proud. I hope I’m making you proud too. Mum asked me to lay at her feet in a cafe whilst she had a coffee and talked to some of the other puppy carers. It was a real test of patience but I did such a good job. I think it’s because I get a lot of practice. We love going to cafés. Apparently, our suburb has a big “café culture,” whatever that means, hehe.

Christmas was lots of, woof woof, fun! I got to sleepover at Camp SEDA and play with the other pups and carers. We got to have lots of free runs, short walks and swims in the pool. Woohoo! I also got a new shiny collar that looks very fancy. I feel so lucky.
With my letter I’ve sent you a fun picture Mum took at Christmas time. I was looking very festive for our Christmas party celebrations.

My training is going well_ I’ve been told that I have a beautiful nature and that I’m a mumma’s boy, I think that means I love cuddles from Mum – which is true! Other than cuddles my favourite thing is my panda bear toy. I love to carry it around and will retrieve it when asked. I also love going in the car; it’s a blast.

I need to do a better job with toileting. It’s hard to hold it sometimes. Whoops! I’m glad Mum and my trainer are helping me and I know get better.

I’ll write to you again soon. Hopefully, I’ll have mastered some new skills and can tell you all about it next letter. Thank you again for being there with me through my training. It’s nice to know you are there and supporting me.
Until next time, big cuddles and licks,
Elvis *i•

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