Elvis writes again

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Elvis writes again

Hi it’s me Elvis, your sponsor puppy. How are you? I’m getting bigger and bigger everyday! I’m very excited to be in touch again and have so much to tell you.


I’ve moved in with my puppy carers and they are such lovely people. I spend most of my time with Mum (Rebecca), who is my official puppy carer, but I also get to spend a lot of time with Dad (Dean) and my two sisters (Holly and Lainie). My sisters are only little and they love playing with me. They are really fond of me and I’ve become very fond of them!

My carers also have another dog, Scout, and a cat, Maisie. To be honest I get along better with Scout than Maisie. Maisie would prefer to be by herself most of the time, I just can’t figure her out… Well, at least Scout and I are becoming good friends, though Mum’s told me many times that Scout is not an ideal role model given she loves to chew and destroy anything she finds that’s not tied down.

Mum does loads of volunteer work at our local primary school. Whenever Mum takes me out I need to wear my blue Seeing Eye Dog puppy coat. I need to be calm, relaxed and on my best behaviour when I put my coat on. It’s been great to be able to practice at school. I must admit that it’s hard to stay well behaved all the time, but the more practice that Mum gives me the better I get. Sometimes Mum takes my coat off so she can let a few of the children have a quick pat which is really nice.

At our monthly group Seeing Eye Dog training session, even though I was the youngest in the group, Mum said that I did a really good job. Initially I was very excited to see all of the other trainee pups, but then I calmed down, and was able to practice ignoring distractions as well as control my impulses. Mum said that I behaved like a star, yay!

Mum has taken me out to lots of different environments. I’ve been on the bus, in the train, and even inside a big truck. All of these types of experiences help me build my confidence and socialisation skills. One of my favourite things to do is to travel in the car. I love the rocking motion and it’s pretty easy to fall asleep. Mum says that when I fall asleep I can snore very loudly. She jokes with Dad that I’m louder than a chainsaw!

My obedience training is a work in progress. I’ve found the toileting command to be the hardest to master to date. I’ve had a few accidents – oops… the first was in a supermarket walking through the fruit and veg isles and the second was in front of a Boost Juice bar. Both times it was a number two. Mum said not to worry and that I’m still only learning. Since then though, I’ve been working really hard and I’m happy to report that I’ve not had an accident for a while. I know that when Mum says “do your jobs” I need to try and go to the toilet.

One of the commands that I managed to get down pat really early on was the eat command. I always know when it’s time to eat. Mum thinks that I can read the clock, but I think that there’s another clock in my tummy that tells me that it’s time to eat. Once my food has been set down before me I need to wait for the eat command which is three whistle blows. Toot, toot, toot. It’s my favourite sound.

It’s getting late as I write so it’s time for me to grab my favourite Panda Bear toy and hit the hay, but before I go I wanted to say thanks again for all your support! Without your kindness and generosity I wouldn’t have the opportunity to train to become a Seeing Eye Dog.

I’ll write to you again soon with another update. Until then, lots of love and licks.


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