Flea Supermarket Musings

29th October 2013   admin   No Comments

Flea Supermarket Musings

Today I was in the supermarket and I decided to check out the flea treatments available.  I have had a few clients tell that their pets are on a flea treatment from the supermarket that only needs to be applied every three months and I was curious as to what that treatment might be.

Turns out the Purina product contains Pyriproxfen, which prevents flea larvae from developing into adult fleas.  It doesn’t kill fleas.


The other interesting thing I noticed about the flea products in the supermarket is that they were sold in packs of two. When I compared the prices of similar types of products to those we sell I found there was very little difference per tube.

So I recommend you buy your pet’s flea control products from us.  It will be better for your pet and potentially save you money.

Your pet will be less likely to suffer with fleas because we read the fine print and we understand the principles of flea control.  This allows us to give you excellent advice that is specific to your pets and lifestyle.  This good advice is freely given over the counter, or phone,  by our highly trained nursing staff who will consult the veterinarians if needed.

Your pet will be safe.  Many of the older, and yes cheaper, flea products contain poisons that can be toxic to your pet if used accidentally in the wrong way.  We don’t stock those products for that reason.

Through bitter experience we know that flea prevention needs to be done consistently throughout the year to be effective.  To make that easy for you we  encourage you to buy year’s worth of the right kind of flea control by giving you a 20% discount when you do*. Then we will send you an SMS or email every time the flea treatment needs to be applied.

So, this summer let us give you good advice and provide you with a safe treatment for your precious pets at a reasonable price.  Your pets will thank you because they will be better protected…. and yes we win too because we know that we have done our job well.

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