Grass Seeds: Causing Headaches

14th December 2016   Theo Lynch   No Comments

Grass Seeds: Causing Headaches

We’ve been inundated with grass seed problems earlier than usual this summer.  Is your dog shaking its head, chewing between the toes or rubbing at its eyes? At this time of year, chances are grass seeds could be to blame.

Grass awns have an unhappy knack of embedding into the skin or even body cavities of dogs.  So far this summer we’ve had to remove them from the paws, armpits, eyes and ears of some of our patients.  At best they cause pain, infection and distress to our dogs; at worst they may migrate into the chest or abdominal cavities causing very serious illness and requiring major surgery to remove them.

Look at these sad pictures of “Boy” the Staffie who visited us last week with a sore eye.  Thankfully the grass seed was removed before it was able to do more damage

Boy’s sore eye, can you see the problem?

The offending article – a 3cm long grass awn!


So, what can you do to ensure your dog doesn’t run into problems?


• Check your dog’s paws, ears, eyes and skin everyday.  Especially after walks.

• Avoid long grass on your dog’s walks if possible

• Keep long-haired dogs clipped over summer, at the least ensure they are trimmed around their feet and ears

• Dog boots can be worn by dogs who frequent rural areas or have high exposure to grass seeds, check out these hard-wearing options from Neo Paws


Let us know immediately if you think your dog may have a grass seed problem.  Often your pet will need sedation and local anaesthesia to remove the problem painlessly, so being prepared and fasting your dog in advance of your visit can be a big help.  If you have any questions about grass seeds contact one of the Friendly Vet team on 95101335 or 85666735.

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