Jackson’s Christmas Letter

12th December 2013   admin   No Comments

Hi, it’s me Jackson. I can’t believe it I’m turning one year old on the 24th of November. Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Jackson

Happy Jackson

It won’t be long until I will get all my health checks and training assessments done to test my readiness for formal training. Formal training will involve moving into Camp SEDA to live and train full time. First I have to pass my eyes and x-ray tests and all of my training assessments.

I have lots to practice! I am really working on my dog distraction currently as when I see other dogs I start to pull towards them I just get so excited. Hopefully I will calm down a little when I mature more because I know I’m supposed to ignore them. Oops!

The other day while mum was getting ready she had some clean socks on the bed ready to put on and so I quietly took them to a secret location outside. I came back and lay in the same spot like nothing had happened. It took mum 15 minutes to find her socks. Luckily mum doesn’t get mad at me she just thinks I’m too cute!

I’ve been keeping really busy working on my socialisation in all sorts of places like the beach every Friday, meetings, shopping, camping in Barmah, a wedding, African drumming night, movies, a first train trip to Australian Catholic University, a second train to a conference, dinner at a local winery, open mic night and the local farmyard for families where I even met a donkey. The idea is to be as comfortable as possible in all sorts of environments so the more places I go, the better it is for me in my training.

Well I rarely chew anything I am not meant to but a few weeks ago at kindergarten I destroyed a perfectly shed snake skin. I like to drink running water so if a tap gets turned on in a park or at the school drinking taps, then I will be keen to take a sip. I have also just begun to chase the vacuum cleaner-I front up to it then tear off around the lounge. It’s super fun!

I like to reach into the pool and collect leaves that are floating past-I’ve almost fallen in a few times! It’s a really fun game -you can see me playing it in my photo. I also like to chase my tail and then try and walk forwards once I’ve caught it.

Well thank you for making all this possible and supporting me so I can train to be a Seeing Eye Dog one day it really is very special having your support!

Have a very happy Christmas and an enjoyable New Year. I’ll write again shortly with another letter. Big cuddles and licks,



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