Jackson’s Last Letter

19th April 2015   admin   No Comments

Hi there it’s me, Jackson. It’s so good to write again and I’ve got great news! Guess what? I am very proud to tell you that thanks to you I have now officially graduated as a fully qualified Seeing Eye Dog-isn’t that wonderful news!

Jackson says goodbye

I got to spend Christmas with my new handler Estelle who is lovely. She is in her early 50’s and lives on her own. We stayed at home over the holidays and it was a really good chance to get to know each other and relax.

Estelle used to have another Seeing Eye Dog called Jenny but unfortunately Jenny got sick and couldn’t work any more. Estelle had a time in between dogs that was really challenging as she was so used to having the independence that a Seeing Eye Dog provides. I’m so pleased that we were easily matched so she didn’t have to go too long without a special dog like me.
We trained together for weeks until we got to know each other really good and could work well as a team. Uncle Phil and Aunty Bev made sure we covered everything before we officially graduated. They wanted to make sure I was definitely the dog for the job-and it turns out I was!

My new handler mum Estelle and I do lots of great things together like; go shopping, have leisurely walks in the park, meet up with friends and all those appointments that people go to , like the doctors and the bank.

I’m quite good at taking buses and trains so mum is really happy as she loves her freedom and getting out and about independently. I really love locating things like seats, press buttons and bus stops so it’s perfect. Sometimes I get a bit too excited and spot every seat and button I walk passed so I have to try and focus on only finding the ones mum uses and needs.

Aunty Bev will be coming out again in a few months to check on us which will be fun. She will make sure we are working well together as a team and make sure I am doing all the things that mum needs me to do. She will also make sure that I am still happy and working well. I’m sure Aunty Bev will be super happy with how we are both getting on.
Anyway I need to say a huge thank you because finally I have graduated -Yippeeeee!

Estelle my new mum is wonderful and a very caring and grateful person. She always tells all her friends how much better her life is with her new Seeing Eye Dog, Jackson. I feel really proud and so happy that I can help Estelle live life more confidently-as mum cannot see or hear very well. I definitely feel like all the hard training hours have paid off.

Thank you so much for sponsoring me through my training! I’ve enjoyed writing to you and it was so nice to know you were always here to care and support me! I want to say a BIG thank you to you, my special sponsor who has made this all possible.
I am just SO happy that I made it and can now say that I am a Seeing Eye Dog. I’m sure mum and I will have a long, enjoyable, and safe life together!

Now that my training has come to an end, I won’t need your support as much as the new SEDA puppy recruits. One of the new Seeing Eye Puppy’s names is Osmond and he is looking for sponsors to share his journey. He was born in November and is very cute! I have included a photo and a letter from him so you can get to know him right away. I told Osmond how much you enjoyed receiving my regular letters and hope you will enjoy sharing his journey to become a Seeing Eye Dog too.

Thank you again for sponsoring me! You have helped give such a valuable gift to a very thankful and appreciative Australian. I will say goodbye for now but I won’t forget how much you have helped us!

Big cuddles and licks,

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