Jackson’s Letter

27th August 2014   admin   No Comments

Hello hello its meeeeee Jackson! So nice to be able to update you on how I’m doing and
I hope you are happy and healthyJackson3I’m now 16 months old and currently weigh 28kg.

I had a great time at the Open Day at SEDA in Victoria recently. I received lots of cuddles and good wishes from lots of lovely sponsors. It was such a wonderful day- everyone seemed happy.

Guess what? My health checks came back and I’ve passed all the requirements to start formal training!!! Whoohoo. Aren’t I clever! I have been sooooo excited moving to Camp SEDA and I’m starting to settle into my new routine. My trainers name is Lester and he’s been at SEDA since 2008 so he has loooads of experience. I’m in great hands!

In my free time during the days I get to spend time hanging out with Josie (my sister) and Ohara and Newton (friends). We are all in training to become Seeing Eye Dogs and have a super fun time hanging out together. I love Camp SEDA.

Lester and I have been getting on very well. He’s strict but I know he really cares and is only trying to make me the best and smartest Seeing Eye Dog possible. I know one day
I will have a huge responsibly when I am matched with someone who is blind a bit further down the track.

Lester says obedience wise I’m doing really well and that I’m actually at a very high standard. My puppy carer helped with that, so that’s nice isn’t it- very important job the carers have and they do it all voluntarily. They get paid in cuddles and love though so hopefully they feel rewarded and appreciated.

Whilst all this hard work is paying off I still enjoy my time rolling in the mud or puddles when on a free run that is just brilliant fun. I could honestly do that all day and never complain. Lester thinks I’m a little bit cheeky that I NEVER pass up an opportunity to roll in the dirt and water.

My favourite hobby though is playing with my chew toy. I do get very VERY excited when
I have it and I do a whole body shake thing and make grunting noises.

What’s coming up next for me is, I will start training in a harness like a REAL Seeing Eye Dog! I’ll get to do a walk where my handler is blindfolded and my skills will get tested – I’m up for the challenge though. I’ll learn how to find things like, pedestrian crossing buttons, ATMs, seats etc. I’ll also be learning complex traffic skills. Later on if all continues to go well I’ll be going onto an instructor and they will start to look for a potential match for me.

I do realise none of this would be possible without you sponsoring me so a HUGE thank you for supporting me and I really hope I can make you proud. I’ll update you again soon.

Until next letter big cuddles, licks and tail wags,


PS- Check out the Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Facebook page to hear about all sorts of interesting things the SEDA pups get up to.

PPS – THANK YOU once again for sponsoring me and following my journey.

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