Jackson’s Letter

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Hi, it’s me Jackson again. How are you? Guess what I’m nine months old now and weigh 27kg – I’m growing super-fast!


I still go to the kindergarten with mum three days a week. On a work day my routine is I wake up, go outside to toilet and then I get fed. Afterwards I play while mum gets ready. At the kindergarten I am allowed to run around outside while mum sets up. When the children arrive I get tethered to the piano (as it’s so heavy I could never move it around the room). If we are outside then I get tethered to a table or put into a large pen. When the children leave I get to run around again I like to talk to the chickens and dig in the sand pit or mud pit (mum doesn’t like me doing this). When I get home I play in the yard and then come inside when I’ve had enough.

On Monday nights I watch mum play tennis and often go with mum to meetings on other nights during the week. Mum is glad that I sleep all the way through the night and even have a little sleep in on the weekends.

I’m getting really good at all my commands, I know; ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘wait’, ‘come’, ‘stay’ (although I need to stay for longer apparently), I wait for the whistle command before eating, I know ‘no’ when I’m doing something I’m not supposed to, I know ‘get your toy’, ‘step stand’ which means put my front legs on the first stair only. I also know ‘on the floor’ for when we are travelling in the car (I get carried away looking out the window but I’m supposed to stay down in the car).

Mum also tells me to be ‘gentle’ which I’m learning and I mostly drop what’s in my mouth if mum says ‘drop it’. Mum thinks my toileting is excellent and it’s very rare that mum says ‘do your jobs’ and I don’t toilet.

I get very interested in other dogs and flying birds/planes/helicopters and when I’m around those things mum says ‘leave’ I’m good with the planes and helicopters but I’m still working on this with other dogs.
I am pretty calm when my blue puppy training coat is on. I will stand quietly waiting for mum to move and if she is talking I will sit or lie down. When my coat is off though I’m ready to play, lick and enjoy a pat. I walk very well on the lead mum says, I stay to the left of mum and keep just in front of her as we walk. When in crowded places I’m steady and calm. For example, when a group of motorbikes went past one day and I was very calm. I sleep at kindergarten even when the kids are being noisy and when there are fireworks I’m curious but still calm.

I’m only cheeky sometimes! I sneak onto the bed if mums not looking. When mum was unwell recently I thought she needed some company so I kept jumping on the bed and snuggling next to mums head, it’s not long before mum notices though. I also try and climb onto peoples laps when they are watching TV. I like to check out all the rubbish bins to see if I can find any food. I drop all the things I don’t like on the floor and keep looking. Once, the bin lid ended up around my neck. Oops! I do have crazy moments where I charge around the house or yard. I also like to chase my tail and when I catch it in my mouth I try and walk forward. It doesn’t work too well. My favourite game is to toss my toys into the air and then I chase after them.

We went for a walk with all the children recently and I was pulling really hard to go into the bushes and mum thought I was being naughty but I actually just wanted to show her I found a koala on the ground in the bush. I had a play date with another SEDA pup named Nan do -we had so much fun together and slept very well that night. We also met Mimi and her owner not long ago. Mimi is a Seeing Eye Dog mum used to care for who is now working. Mimi and I were allowed to have a play and ran about for a bit but Mimi is pretty mature and went and sat down and so I followed her, sat down and put my paw on hers.

My favourite thing to do is frolic on the beach; I pick up shells and seaweed and toss them about while still on my lead. I jump onto clumps of seaweed too. I also love chewing on bones-yum! Outings we’ve been on include; the movies, AFL games and restaurants. I attended mum’s son’s Queen Scout Award at Scouts. I’ve also been shopping, attended meetings and conferences. I’ve been on a ferry but not on a proper train trip yet. I met a donkey and a goat and was a little scared of the pig with piglets. What I’m currently working on is dog distraction and standing still while mum is taking my coat on or off. Well that’s about it for now, I’ll write again soon. Thank you for being my special sponsor and helping me in my training. It means a lot to me!

Big cuddles,

PS -Check out the Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Facebook page to hear about all sorts of interesting things the SEDA pups get up to.

THANK YOU once again for sponsoring me and being my pen pal.

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