Jackson’s Training Goes Forward

20th October 2014   admin   No Comments

Well a big whoofy hello to you. It’s me Jackson your super grateful sponsor dog with another update on how I’m going thanks to your support! I’ve been in training for months now can you believe? Boy is there a lot to learn!


I’m doing really well in my training! It did take me a little while to adjust from being a puppy to concentrating on being a proper training dog but hey it’s pretty hard with all those interesting distractions out there. I do love to walk fast and get everywhere quickly. There’s so much to explore but I understand that I need to slow down at times and really focus my attention on my work.

Guess what? I have officially started training in a harness now. I feel so important! It felt so strange to begin with but now I’m getting used to it and know that, just like in my puppy coat, when I’m in harness I need to concentrate and work. We have started doing lots of street walks so I’ve been able to really work on walking in straight lines and looking out for kerbs. Might sound easy to you but it’s a lot of hard work and practice but I’m doing a great job- I hope.

I’ve also started a bit of obstacle avoidance which is really challenging but I’m up for it. It’s amazing what can get in your path. I have to look out for myself but mostly for my trainer Uncle Lester (there’s been a few whoopsies) I don’t want my future owner bumping into things and they are up way higher than me so it’s going to take a bit of practice.

I’ve been learning to find things like pedestrian crossing buttons, ATMs and seats- I love a challenge. Uncle Lester knows that I learn the best when food is involved (I LOVE food) so every time I find an object I get a treat and he tells me I’m a good boy. It makes me feel so clever! After a few practice runs I can find the objects no sweat.

The biggest challenge for me is trying to ignore the other dogs when I’m working in harness. Lately I’ve improved with this and I get really yummy rewards for ignoring them but sometimes even the reward doesn’t stop me I just seem to forget – oops. I guess I’m a canine version of a people person – I love meeting new friends. I’ll keep practicing and do my best though so I can keep progressing in my training as Uncle Lester says this is a really important step to get though.

The other day I was taught to refuse the ‘forward’ command and to stay still when crossing the road and a car is in danger of hitting us – wow that was a bit scary. It’s actually up to my handler to decide when it’s safe to cross a road but I can help- we’ll be working as a team after all.

So that’s all the serious stuff but at the end of the day I still love my play time and going to the local dog park with the gang (my training buddies) my sister Josie, Ohara and Newton. We always have the best time playing chase and we love to have rolling competitions to see who can get the muddiest – hehe. I always win!

Do you know how I love kids? Well the other day my trainer did some training demonstrations for the SEDA school holiday programs. Those little people are great fun and they loved me. I really wanted to jump up and say a big sloppy hello to all the kids but I was in my harness so I was on my best behaviour!

Well that’s it for me I hope you liked hearing about everything – I love sharing it with you. So until next time a huge lick and lots of tail wags to thank you for helping me on this journey – I’ve come so far and am so proud of myself and I hope you are too!
THANK YOU once again for sponsoring me and being my pen pal. Have a super fun day!

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