What is Life Plan?

Life Plan is a program that tailors your pet’s yearly health checks and vaccinations to their age and breed. Animals, much like us, have a higher likelihood of certain health problems at different ages. As your pet ages we concentrate on the different healthcare issues with a strong emphasis on prevention.

When your pet is due for a health check, a friendly reminder will be sent to you. This correspondence will often contain a series of questions to help us identify behavioural or medical problems early. Together we will institute preventative health care programs before these conditions progress. Certain tests, such as blood or urine tests may be recommended for specific age groups.

With puppies and kittens, our emphasis will be on parasite control, skin and dental care as well as behavioural issues.  As your pet reaches middle age we will monitor for problems such as kidney disease and diabetes by asking you to bring a sample of your pet’s urine with you.  In their twilight years, we will recommend further tests such as blood tests and possibly thyroid function tests.  Our excellent Seniors Program provides an economical and convenient way to achieve these healthcare aims for pets over 8 years of age.

What are the benefits of Life Plan?

Questions on your pet’s behaviour and specific tests appropriate for the age-stage, will allow us to recognise any health problems much earlier. The early recognition of health problems will ensure that your pet never silently suffers the effects of pain or disease.

The two primary benefits of Life Plan are maximising the information that we can gain at each annual health check and minimising the impact of illnesses in your pet through early detection and implementation of preventative health strategies.

Our aim is “Healthier Pets for Life!”