Osmond Says Hello

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Hello, my name is Osmond and I’m the latest recruit for Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Firstly, thanks so much for being my special sponsor! Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born at Seeing Eye Dogs puppy centre in Victoria, on the 19th of November 2014 and I’m a black male Labrador. I’m very lucky because as a sponsored puppy I get to write and tell you all about my journey to becoming a Seeing Eye Dog. I’ll also be sending you photos so you can watch me grow up!

I come from a litter of five-one girl and four boys. Their names are Otto, Oxley, Beau and Ocean. My dad’s name is Jack and my mum’s name is Carla. Mum is yellow and dad is black so Oxley and Otto look like mum and the rest of us look like dad.

Mum said that now I’m training to become a Seeing Eye Dog, I will have my very own dress code. When I’m out in public I will wear a blue puppy coat with ‘L’ plates on it to let everyone know I’m in training. I won’t be allowed to receive pats, eat or go to the toilet while I’m wearing it, so I’ll have to be on my best behaviour. But as soon as it comes off I get to play like all pups do. The coat is like practice to get used to being in a harness for when I qualify as a Seeing Eye Dog.

Mum also explained to me that not all the pups that start out in training graduate as Seeing Eye Dogs. Just over half of the dogs make it all the way through. Apparently being a Seeing Eye Dog isn’t possible for every trainee pup but it’s hard to tell until we grow up a bit and get further into our training. Mum wanted to prepare me just in case things don’t go my way. But she said even if it doesn’t, I might be able to help someone in another way which is good.

For now, I am focusing on my SEDA training and learning all that a little puppy needs to learn as training starts right away!

Soon I will meet my new puppy caring family who volunteered to look after me for the next year or so and will teach me basic commands like ‘sit’, ‘down ‘, how to eat and toilet on command. I will also have to learn to walk steadily on a lead and eventually master my right from my left.
Last check-up I weighed 5kg and at the moment I really like eating, sleeping, drinking, playing and growing. We got our vaccinations on the 1st of January 2015 and it didn’t hurt one bit -yay.
I will write again soon and tell you how it’s all going -I reckon I’ll have some good stories to share with you. Thanks so much for coming with me on this journey it means a lot to have someone to share all my new experiences with.

Until next time, big hugs and licks,


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