Osmond Grows Up

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Osmond Grows Up

Hi it’s me Osmond. How are you? I hope you are well. I finally got to sit down and write to you to tell you how I’m going.

Osomon Says Hi

In March I went to the SEDA Open Day in Kensington and met some of my lovely sponsors. It was such an amazing day and I just loved all the attention, pats and cuddles! Big thanks to all of you who came along. I just loved meeting you.

So my new puppy caring family are great! There’s my puppy carer mum Rhonda and her husband. They both run a school camp so they have lots of school kids that come and stay for a week or so at a time. I get to hang out there during the day while mum and dad are working doing ad min, maintenance and helping the kids out with the activities. I just love walking around the camp and saying hello to everyone and getting lots of cuddles.

We live in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. It’s quite bushy but still in the burbs. Mum and dad have never cared for a Seeing Eye Dog before so it is very new for both of us. Guess who else lives with us? Another dog named Oscar! We have lots of fun together and love running around in the garden. Well actually, sometimes I run around by myself and Oscar just watches me. He’s older and more mature than me so I think he thinks I’m a bit silly sometimes. Oh well-hehe.

I am really happy here and have lots of nice toys to play with. I’m much too busy playing with Oscar and munching soft toys and doggy biscuits to chew the furniture or run away with anyone’s socks. Mum took me to the dentist a while ago as I had to have my lower baby canines removed because they weren’t coming through at the right angle. The Tooth Fairy came that night and I got a yummy frozen Kong toy to bite on which was nice and cold in my mouth. The good news is that the dentist said that my adult teeth should grow normal so I can chew even better soon -yay!

My training is going well too … The first thing mum taught me was how to wait for the food command before I am allowed to eat my food. I must sit patiently next to my food and not start eating until the command is given which is three whistle blows ‘toot’ toot’ toot’. I’m

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (a division of Vision Australia) learning this pretty fast but sometimes I try and get a sneaky bite in before mum blows the whistle. I like to keep her on her toes.

My toilet training is going well. I had a few accidents at home when I first was settling in (whoopsies) but thankfully not out in public. I have learnt that when mum says, “do your jobs” that means I need to try and toilet and most times it works!

Recently I went to an Oval in Montrose with my puppy trainer Rachel, my sister Ocean and another puppy Morris. Aunty Rachel says I’m very lovable and that I’m very inquisitive too. Its cos I just love exploring by sniffing anything that looks and smells new. I’ve been learning to walk in a straight line. It can be really tricky and sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me and I tend to want to explore which I need to control better but I am improving.

I can get a little jumpy when there is a guest coming-I just get a bit excited and sometimes race towards them and start jumping. I am being taught my manners though and how to greet a guest politely and control my excitement. Boy that can be tough!

Everyone thinks I’m so cute and when we go out people try and pat me. Mum has to explain to everyone that when I’m wearing my blue puppy training coat that means I’m working and I can’t be distracted. Occasionally mum takes my coat off though so I can get a cuddle which is very nice!

I’m a sensitive boy and I don’t like being told off too much. I love cuddles and pats and of course I LOVE my food. My favourite place is the coffee shop-it smells soooo good and everyone is nice and relaxed there so I just enjoy lying down underneath the table waiting for mum and dad to finish their coffee and paper. Apparently it’s good for such a little puppy to learn to wait so I’m very proud of myself.

I guess that’s all my news for now but I can’t wait to write to you again with more stories and adventures . A big thank you again for being my special sponsor.

Big hugs and licks,


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