Osmond’s Journey Continues

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Osmond’s Journey Continues

Hi, it’s me Osmond. I hope you’re well. It’s so great to be writing to you again with an update. I love that we can share this training journey together! I really do!


I’ve been learning so many new commands now that I’m getting a bit older. I’m currently working on the down command and practicing loads. I find it easiest when I’m on wooden floors cos I can just slip my paws out in front and I slide down. It’s quite fun doing that! I do quite a bit of slipping and sliding. Sometimes when I’m going down stairs that have a shiny surface, I go a little bit too fast and when I get to the bottom of one flight I slide to the top of the next flight. I’m working on remembering to slow down but it is kind of fun!

Sitting at crossings is a challenge for me. I understand what is expected of me, and I plop my bottom on the ground in record speed. The problem is that I can’t seem to keep it there — it just keeps popping up again. Mum is very patient because she understands that I am just a young pup, and even though I am trying very hard it might take me a little bit longer to learn my lessons.

I am very good at the routine at home — I have a leisurely start to the day around 7am. Mum, Oscar and I get excited when we wake up and it’s morning time, then we move on to being excited about breakfast time! When mum comes out of the shower I try to lick all the water off her legs and she thinks it’s quite funny but tells me to stop it. I’ll learn one day.

After a breakfast time we might go to the coffee shop, for a street walk or to the shopping centre to do some training. Then we head off to the office or if there’s a camp on I watch some of the activities the kids are doing. Dinner is normally at 5pm and I let mum know if she’s taking too long by lurking in the kitchen, licking my lips and batting my puppy dog eyes at her. After dinner I’m usually exhausted and I curl up in front of TV until bedtime. I love the animal shows and The Voice.

There’s one lesson that I am taking a long time to learn and that is to ignore dogs when I walk past them. It is really hard because us Labradors love people and dogs and children —and we have to learn to ignore all of them when we are outside the home and in our blue puppy coats. Eventually as I mature I know I will get the hang of it.

My teeth are starting to come through and I’ve been practicing my chewing on the couch, skirting boards, shoes, pants and even Oscar. Hehe. Mum has been gently discouraging me from chewing and playing with things that aren’t mine and even though Oscar and I are best buddies, I don’t think he likes it when I try to practice my chewing on him. Whoops.

I love playing rough and tumble with Oscar but he’s a bit of a softie and sometimes just flops down, surrenders and ignores me when I go to sit on his head. I think he can find me a little annoying. Whoops.

Poor Oscar needs to have an operation on his leg so I’m going to be staying at Camp SEDA for a little while to give Oscar some time to recover as he won’t be very good at rough and tumble with a sore leg. I hope he gets better soon.

When I come back from camp SEDA I’m going to give him huge kisses to make him feel better and to show him how I’ve missed him and try and not to sit on him for a while til his better too. I hope I don’t forget!

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my recent adventures. Thanks so much for being my special sponsor. I feel so happy to have you supporting me!

Puppy nuzzles and licks,


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