Osmond’s Letter December 2015

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Osmond’s Letter December 2015

Hello there it’s Osmond.

It’s so great to be writing to you again. I have so much to tell you I could burst! I’m pretty excitable as you know and with Christmas coming and all the new stuff I’m learning I just don’t know where to start… oh hang on…. yes I do…. I need to say a huge thank you to you for all your support so far. Without you it just couldn’t have happened so here’s an upfront big lick on the cheek to show you how much I appreciate you!

I am 9 months old now so I’m happy that I’m growing big and strong. I’m pleased to tell you that I’m confident with all my commands now. I have to admit I can still get a bit distracted by things but overall I’m really making progress.

I had a great time staying at Camp SEDA with the big pups! I made some new friends and there’s a park nearby where we all played chasey! The good news is that Oscars operation went well thank goodness and he’s recovering nicely so I’m back at home to give him lots of love and slobbery kisses. Yay!  I also had to have a little procedure so I don’t father any puppies so am resting up a bit to recover but I’m fine, truly I am. They made me wear this funny bucket thing around my head which didn’t bother me but people got a bit startled when it banged into their legs when I ran up to them to give them my usual enthusiastic greeting.

My favourite things to do are eating and annoying Oscar. When I’m not learning or out and about I like playing with my toys and having snoozes in my comfy crate. I also love bath time! It’s been getting very hot lately so mum’s been giving me extra baths with this long thing called a hose. Its a bit tough when the weathers hot cos I can’t just take off my coat like my human friends. These extra baths are great at keeping me cool and afterwards I do an extra big shake and all the water goes flying. Mum thinks it’s very funny as sometimes I shake so hard that I lose my balance and fall over. Hehe.



We had a group training session on Monday which was tops. I was wearing my puppy coat and mum had given me a brush so I was looking my best. It was a really great session and I learnt to try and control myself around all the other dogs. They used food to distract us and guess what – it works – I love food! They practically had another dog with its nose in my ear and I just sat still and looked at my lovely carer. I also learnt to lie quietly when we went to the café and that was pretty tough with 5 dogs nearby.

I’m great with traveling in the car. I get excited by the movement but then I tend to fall asleep right away. I just can’t keep my eyes open and sometimes mum has to turn the radio up cos I start snoring. We did a car trip recently to the beach at Philip Island and that was terrific – isn’t the beach a wonderful place! I love doing skips along the sand. It feels lovely on my paws.
My carer seems to really enjoy my company and she looks proud when everyone pays me attention – I feel like a local celebrity myself.  I’m really looking forward to Christmas break. I’ve asked Santa for a big raw hide bone and an extra big game of chasey in the park. I hope you have something nice planned for the holidays. be thinking of you and how grateful 1 am that you’re helping me on my journey to become a Seeing Eye Dog.


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