Dr Peter Juliff


  • BVSc (Hons), 1984
  • MANZCVS* (Small Animal Medicine), 1991

Professional Interests:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Ophthalmology (eye conditions)

Date commenced at Prahran: 1990, partner since 1993.  Peter oversaw the design and construction of our ASAVA-accredited Hospital in 2005.

Peter’s Pet Family: Adora the Labrador and Bob the Burmese cat.

What do you love about being a vet?

Even though I like solving mentally challenging medical cases, nothing tops the thrill of delivering a litter of healthy puppies by caesarian section.


Dr Nicole Hoskin


  • BVSc, 1994
  • IVAS accredited veterinary acupuncturist, 1997
  • MANZCVS* (Dentistry and Oral Surgery), 2014

Date commenced at Prahran: 1999, partner since 2004.

Professional Interests:

  • Pet dentistry
  • Complementary therapies (acupuncture, herbal and Chinese medicine)

Nicole’s Pet Family: Cinders the elderly cat, Stanley a rescued Staffie cross, Lloyd and Little Stripe two rescued kittens, a budgerigar, Brum the ferret and two fish.

Why do you love working at Prahran Vet Hospital?

…because it has a great bunch of people dedicated to providing leading edge medicine to all of our patients.  We are constantly refining and expanding our services to offer “best for the pet” medicine, surgery and ancilliary services.


Dr Diana Barker


  • BVSc, 2002
  • MANZCVS* (Small Animal Surgery), 2013

Date commenced at Prahran: 2011, partner since 2014

Professional Interests: Surgery – orthopaedic and cancer surgery

Diana’s Pet Family: Kipling and Soochi the Burmese cats/couch potatoes.

The best part of the job: Getting to know clients and their pets

Why do you love working at Prahran Vet Hospital?

…we have a great team who really care about each individual pet. Everyone at PVH is striving to give the best possible care and advice.

Dr Kay Wallace was born and educated in Tasmania before moving to Melbourne to study Veterinary Science. She worked in a mixed and dairy practices in rural Queensland and Victoria before traveling extensively overseas. She worked for a year in England during her travels. She has recently completed full year distance education programs from the Post Graduate Foundation in Veterinary Science in both Small Animal Radiology and Small Animal Ultrasound. Dr Wallace has been with Prahran Veterinary Hospital for more than 10 years. 2011 saw Dr Wallace completing the University of Sydney distance education course in Dermatology.

Dr Theo Lynch

Qualifications: BVSc (Hons), 2002

Professional Interests:

  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Oncology (cancer care)

Date commenced at Prahran: 2013

The best part of the job: Forming great long term relationships with clients and the pets.

What are the most satisfying cases you treat? 

Without a doubt our cancer patients.  Helping pets with cancer and their families to achieve great quality of life through treatment is really rewarding.




Dr Joshua Richmond

Qualifications: BVSc, 2012

Professional Interests: All aspects of general practice, especially dentistry.

Date commenced at Prahran: 2013

The best part of the job: Meeting and getting to know all his patients and their families

The reason I love working at PVH is the amazing team that I’m surrounded by each day who are always striving to give their all to both patient and client care as well as towards each other.


Dr Carl Muller 


  • BVSc, 1968
  • Diploma of Acupuncture, 1985
  • IVAS – accredited veterinary acupuncturist, 1990
  • Graduate Diploma Animal Chiropractic, 2007

Date commenced at Prahran: 1975.  Carl established the original Practice at 646 Malvern Rd.

It is always fulfilling to come to work at Prahran because staff members act as a team, wherein everyone is positive, empathetic, progressive and professional towards our clients and their pets.


Dr Jennie Heslop


  • BVSc, 2003
  • MANZCVS* (Feline Medicine), 2010

Date commenced at Prahran: 2004

Jennie’s Pet Family: Sooty and Sweep the cats, Rosie the Aussie Terrier X Dalmatian (with DNA tests to prove it!)

The best part of the job:  Improving the quality of life for cats and dogs, many with problems that go unforseen. Meeting a variety of different people from all walks of life and seeing and appreciating the special relationship pets provide to each of them.

What makes you excited about coming to work each day?

…the challenges the day brings and working with a great bunch of staff.  You never know what the day may entail – cute kittens and puppies, an anaesthetic for a 20 year old cat or a nectarine pip in the stomach seen on x-ray!

*MANZCVS – The Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) seeks to serve the veterinary profession and reward excellence.  College Membership signifies that a veterinarian has expertise and competence in a nominated subject area.