Many of the pets we see have a bit of problem with their weight. They are so good at giving us ‘the look’ that encourages us to over feed them. Don’t despair, we can now help.

Our Pet Slimmers Club had been developed in conjunction with the Hills Pet Food company. It is a way that we can help you help them.

As a pet being overweight carries many risks. The main ones we see are increased incidence and severity of arthritis, heart disease, breathing problems, diabetes, liver disease and exercise intolerance.

The benefits to losing weight include increased life expectancy and better quality of life. You will start to notice that the more weight that is lost the more youthful and energetic your pet will get.

The plan works by making an appointment with our Jocelyn, our ‘Weight Control Consultant’. She will check your pets body score and decide on the target weight. Together you will work out the specific diet and exercise plan. We will tell you exactly what to do.

This is totally free. It is a service we provide for our clients for no cost to you.

Hills will also provide some added incentive by giving you the chance to win continuing prizes when you’ve reached your midway and full weight loss goal. Each year there is a Pet Slimmer of the Year competition in which you can win fantastic prizes including $1000 in travel vouchers. What a wonderful end to the weight loss journey.