Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Round Up 5/5/13

5th May 2013   Diana Barker   No Comments

 Weekly Round Up 5/5/13

A couple of weeks ago we had a specialist veterinary dentist, Rod Salter, come to the hospital to give us a talk about dental care for pets. We all realised how important dental care is for your pets general health and well being and how once tartar (the brown stuff on your pets teeth) is present, it is very difficult to remove without a scale and polish. He really stressed to us the importance of acting early. He also chatted about different ways to keep pets teeth clean and the fact that we should be cleaning the teeth at home daily! This is definitely something most of us struggle with, but with some great ideas from Rod, we are all endeavouring to give it a try! 

As a result from the talk we have been seeing a lot more dental procedures in the hospital, it is a nice feeling to see a dog walk in with horrible tartar and halitosis (bad breath) and walk out with bright, shiny teeth. They must feel brand new!

In the hospital this week we had a couple of really brave little patients. Midge is a gorgeous little chihuahua who had a lump removed from her side. We knew from a previous sample that the lump was nasty and we had to remove it with a lot of surrounding tissue. The good news is we removed the entire mass, the bad news is the lump has spread to the lymph nodes. She is going to start chemotherapy and we wish her all the best.

Dexter, is a tough little Jack Russell who has recently come to Melbourne from Sydney. He was diagnosed with a cancer on his leg which was rapidly spreading up his leg and causing some discomfort. After some discussion, his parents decided it would be best for his leg to be amputated. He is so much more comfortable and getting around like nothing ever happened!

You may have seen on our facebook page an offer for a discount senior wellness checks. If your pet is over the age of 8 then you qualify for the discount. Like our facebook page to see the details or visit this website.

We met all the new puppies for puppy school this week – they’re so cute! If you want to see them all, come in on a Monday or Wednesday night around 7pm, it’s crazy! Looking forward to seeing them graduate in a few weeks time.

If you were in the hospital this week, you may have seen our vet student, Kylie. She was visiting from Massey University in New Zealand and was only with us for the week. Thankyou for all your help Kylie and we wish you all the best with your final year of study.


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