Prahran Vet Hospital Weekly Scoop – 2/9/13

2nd September 2013   Diana Barker   No Comments

Prahran Vet Hospital Weekly Scoop – 2/9/13

Baby Possum

Spring is in the air! Now is the time to make sure your pet’s flea and worm protection are up to date before we get into the warmer months. If you need any advice for your pet’s parasite needs, we can always recommend a program for you.

Since Spring has well and truly sprung we have had lots of baby possums being brought in to the hospital. If you do see a possum out and about during the day it is generally an indication that something is wrong (possums are nocturnal). If you find a baby possum please keep a look out for their mum, she may be close by. To pick up a baby possum throw a towel over them and scoop them up. Wearing some thick gloves such as gardening gloves is advisable too. If you cannot contact a vet then ensure you keep the possum warm, in a quiet and dark environment, baby possums can be placed in a beanie or a sock with a hot water bottle. Younger possums need special feeding requirements so it is important to contact a vet or wildlife carer immediately.

But what else has been happening this week? We have wrapped up Pet dental month and will be drawing the Ella and Friends prize today. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner! As dental health is so important for your pet we do run free dental checks all year round. So if you missed out this month not to worry! Just call the hospital to book in.

During our Thursday meeting we had a training session with Kate from Hills to talk to us about their exciting new food range, Vetessentials for cats and dogs. You will start to see it on our shelves soon, so if you would like more more information visit the Hills Website. Kate also talked about their fundraising efforts for the RSPCA and local shelters. All you need to do is upload a picture of your furry friend to help contribute. Visit

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