Puppy Preschool at Prahran Vet

Puppy Preschool

From the age of six weeks puppies begin to learn the behaviour patterns they will follow for the rest of their lives.

Why do Puppies Need Preschool?
In these classes we aim to ensure puppies become well adjusted members of your family. We start teaching basic obedience and help identify and correct any potential behavioural problems at this early age. These classes will also serve to help make future trips to the vet fear free for your puppy.

Youngsters Only
The preschool is specifically designed for puppies from six to sixteen weeks of age. They are NOT obedience classes. During the four weeks we socialise the puppies so they can interact with other dogs (of all sizes) and people, without fear or aggression.

School for You Too
This is also an opportunity for us to talk to you about other aspects of pet care including nutrition, dentistry, bathing and grooming. We also cover topics such as toilet training, mouthing and behavioural problems, as well as answering any specific puppy questions you may have.

Learn as they Play
What puppies learn through contact with other dogs and humans at this impressionable time, will have a dramatic effect throughout their life.

Puppy preschool will help them grow into adults of sound temperament, by exposing them to new situations in a safe and controlled environment.

We teach basic obedience such as “sit”, “stay”, “wait”, “come” and “drop” as well as ensuring they become used to being handled by people other than their owners.

One of the most important aspects of puppy preschool is the uninterrupted play sessions (check out the short video below), these sessions may appear chaotic but are an invaluable tool to teach puppies (and their humans!) what is and is not acceptable behaviour.

Enrol Now
We are now taking enrolments for puppies aged six to 16 weeks old. They must have an up to date vaccination history and a clean bill of health.

Classes run for around one hour on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, usually starting at 7.00pm, The first class, registration night will start at 6.45pm. The cost of the full four week course is from $141.00, payable at the first class.

We can’t wait to meet you and your new puppy very soon!

Please have a look at some of our recent proud graduates.

If you have already attended our classes congratulations on the graduation of your puppy! We would love to receive any feedback you have to ensure we are always delivering the most informative and positive classes possible. Click here to provide feedback