Services We Provide

  • Consultation

    We have friendly and experienced vets and nurses available to attend to your pet everyday of the year, at a wide range of convenient times.

    Our team are proficient in the care and handling of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents, birds (including chickens), reptiles and wildlife.

    Here’s a sample of the huge array of consultation services we offer:

    • Routine health checks
    • Vaccination and preventative care
    • Microchip Implanting
    • Geriatric care
    • Sick or injured pets
    • Compassionate euthanasia
    • Travel preparation for pets (AQIS certified)
    • Behavioural problems
    • Complementary therapies

  • Senior Pet Care

    iStock_000011035054XSmallIt is well recognised that a healthy lifestyle, combined with early identification and management of age associated problems is the best way to approach old age The same applies to our pets.

    Whilst Your doctor will recommend a checkup once a year once as you age. For our older pets the checks need to be more frequent, as they age more rapidly than us. Our popular Seniors Health Program offers fantastic value and peace of mind for families of pets aged over 8.

  • Surgery

    We routinely perform surgery in our modern sterile operating theatre. This includes desexing of cats, dogs, rabbits and other small pets right through to more advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures.

    Surgical procedures we commonly perform include:

    • Desexing – Advanced keyhole and traditional surgical techniques offered
    • Mass/lump resection
    • Reconstructive soft tissue surgery
    • Ophthalmic surgery – entropion, cherry eye, eyelid tumour and eye removal procedures.
    • Cranial Cruciate Ligament repair – osteotomy and stabilisation techniques
    • Patella stabilisation – for luxating kneecaps
    • Ostectomy, joint arthrodesis & amputation
    • Fracture repair
    • Intra-abdominal surgery – both keyhole and laparotomy techniques offered
  • Keyhole Surgery

    Also known as minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery, keyhole surgery is available at only a limited number of vet practices in Australia, Prahran Veterinary Hospital is proud to lead the way in offering an in-house keyhole surgery service for pet lovers.

    The principle benefits of keyhole surgery stem from its minimally invasive approach, and include:

    • Small wounds
    • Less pain
    • Faster recovery
    • More accurate surgery

    Here at Prahran Vet we use keyhole techniques in pets to perform desexing surgery, organ biopsies, and tumour diagnosis and removal. Ask one of our friendly team whether your pet’s procedure might be amenable to keyhole techniques.

  • Dental Care

    Most pets will unfortunately experience dental disease in their lifetime. Regular preventative care and examination at their health checks will help reduce the incidence of dental plaque, tartar and caries.


    If the need arises, we are equipped to offer state of the art dental care from our specially designed dental treatment facility.  At Prahran we offer dental X-ray and more advanced dental procedures not typically available (such as endodontics) due to our level of expertise, and that of visiting dental specialists.

    Once your pet’s teeth are clean, our skilled nursing team will honour our lifetime commitment to dental health by performing any follow-up oral checks at no charge to you! Specialised diets, chewing aids and an oral hygiene routine will be tailored for all of our dental patients.

  • On Site Laboratory

    tour15We have the most up to date veterinary laboratory technology on site.  This allows us to perform blood and urine tests quickly and reliably.

    We are equipped to perform a wide range of patient-side diagnostic tests including:

    • Full blood and urine screening
    • Microscope examination of lumps, parasitic infections and skin problems
    • Heartworm testing
    • Viral tesing (Parvo, FIV etc)
    • Vaccination titres
    • Faecal screening
    • Fungal infection testing
    • Blood typing
  • X-ray

    We possess state-of-the-art digital radiology equipment, this enables us to offer fast and reliable X-rays on site, ensuring accurate information about many health conditions such as bone and joint problems, as well as heart and other internal diseases.

    We also offer specialised digital dental X-ray.  Being able to offer this technology dramatically improves the quality of dentistry we deliver, especially so for cats.

  • Ultrasound

    We frequently utilise ultrasound for the investigation of abdominal problems, cancer staging and pregnancy diagnosis.  Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive and informative way for us to learn what is making your pet feel unwell.

    We offer industry-leading veterinary ultrasound equipment and a number of our veterinarians have completed extensive postgraduate training in ultrasound, meaning we can offer a convenient and reliable diagnostic service without the need to wait for referral.

  • Endoscopy

    We have a fibre optic endoscope that permits the visualisation of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. We can also take biopsies with this endoscope. This allows us to gain a lot of information without the need for more invasive surgery. It is an excellent tool for removing some gastrointestinal and upper respiratory foreign bodies.

    Our rigid fibre optic unit also allows us to explore tight spots such as joints, nostrils and ear canals in most patients, again leading to less painful health outcomes for your pet.

  • Hospital Care

    When they’re in our care, we provide your pet the full benefit of our medical expertise whilst also affording them the same love and affection you do.

    We do our utmost to ensure you are a fully informed participant in their healthcare, when you can’t be by their side we will update you regularly. You are welcome to visit your pet if hospitalised, cuddles are the best medicine right?

    All pets undergoing anaesthesia will have a complete physical examination so that their health status is properly determined. A pre-anaesthetic blood test maybe performed and intravenous fluids will be administered to ensure optimal anaesthetic safety.

    With our proficient use of safe and modern anaesthetic drugs and equipment, the possibility of an untoward anaesthetic reaction is extremely low. It is always your responsibility to ensure that your pet is in the best of health before electing to undergo anaesthesia and surgery.  For dogs and cats, do not offer food in any form for 12 hours prior to anaesthesia. (This means no breakfast on the day of admission). We recommend that you keep your pet indoors the night before admission. Ideally you will nominate one family member to handle all communications regarding your hospitalised pet, this is to eliminate unnecessary confusion and misunderstandings.

  • Specialist Referral

    We consult and maintain excellent relationships with registered veterinary specialists across Melbourne and interstate.  At Prahran our clients also benefit from the convenience of being able to book appointments with visiting specialists in cardiology, dentistry and anaesthesia.

    We regularly offer referral for patients if advanced diagnostic imaging (e.g CT scans) or specialist expertise is required. If you think your pet may benefit from referral to a specialist, please speak to your veterinarian.

  • Pathology Services

    We use a number of specialist pathology laboratories (both in Australia and overseas) for tests we can not perform in hospital, or when we require the expertise of a specialist pathologist.

    We regularly undertake:

    • Specialised blood tests (e.g hormonal assays)
    • Allergy testing
    • Tissue analysis
    • Infectious disease testing
    • Bladder stone analysis

    Most routine blood results are available within 24 hours (except on weekends), biopsy and other results may take longer. We will always contact you as soon as your pet’s test results are available.

  • Puppy Preschool

    We offer a popular and comprehensive puppy training and socialisation program for your newest family member!

    This program teaches you how to train your puppies to follow four basic obedience commands (Come, Sit, Stay, and Drop) and also covers many health and behavioural issues that are often problems in young puppies (such as mouthing, biting, barking and digging).

    Classes are held once a week for four weeks and a graduation test is performed by each puppy member at the end of the program.  The focus is on creating a fun, safe and social atmosphere for puppies and their families, check out our most recent graduates

    Puppies learn that the vet is a great place to meet new friends and play with others. Our graduates are usually eager to come back into the clinic for their routine check ups and will drag their owners in the front door to say “hello” to the staff

    Contact 95101335 if you are interested in joining our next class, or for more information take a look here.

  • Kitten Kindergarten

    Kitten Kinder is a socialisaton and training programme that runs for four weeks. Kittens aged between eight and 14 weeks are eligible to attend. Classes are held on Saturday afternoons at the Prahran Vet Hospital.

    This 4 week programme will create confident kittys, teach them basic manners and provide you with the tools to prevent and address unwanted behaviour. You will learn about:

    • Toilet training
    • Scratching
    • Socialisation
    • Environmental enrichment
    • Touch & handling
    • Teach your kitten their name, “sit!” and “come!”