People will often find stray dogs and cats and not know what to do with them. Current State legislation provided dogs and cats with many rights and owners of pets with many responsibilities.

The best thing to do with stray pets is to contact the City of Stonnington, and the animal welfare officers will help you.

We still see many stray animals brought into us. The first thing we will do is ring any telephone numbers on the tag around the pet’s neck. If there are no tags we will scan the pet for a microchip number. If either of these allow us to contact the pet’s owner then arrangements are usually made to allow the pet to be reunited with their owner while avoiding the council pound.

Unfortunately if the owners can’t be located we are required to ring the council and the pet will go to the pound. This is a very good reason to have your pet microchipped and making sure that your details are always kept current.

We use Central Animal Records to register all our implanted microchips.