Don’t Get Ticked Off this Summer


We’re often told that deadly paralysis ticks don’t trouble pets in Melbourne, and by and large this is true. However we’ve seen a couple of atypical cases at Prahran already this summer,  one a puppy recently arrived from a breeder in NSW, and the other a dog whose owner’s purchased a plant in Gippsland and… Read more »

Farewell to Dr Carl Muller


This Christmas represents Dr Carl Muller’s last as a staff member at Prahran.  Whilst he will  continue to offer acupuncture for pets on a consultancy basis, we thought it a good time to revisit the history of Carl’s time at Prahran Vet Hospital, the practice he founded 40 years ago. Dr Carl Muller graduated from… Read more »

Osmond Grows Up

Osomon Says Hi

Hi it’s me Osmond. How are you? I hope you are well. I finally got to sit down and write to you to tell you how I’m going. In March I went to the SEDA Open Day in Kensington and met some of my lovely sponsors. It was such an amazing day and I just… Read more »

Jackson’s Christmas Letter

Hi, it’s me Jackson. I can’t believe it I’m turning one year old on the 24th of November. Happy Birthday to me!

Flea Supermarket Musings


Today I was in the supermarket and I decided to check out the flea treatments available.  I have had a few clients tell that their pets are on a flea treatment from the supermarket that only needs to be applied every three months and I was curious as to what that treatment might be. Turns… Read more »

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13 What an interesting week we’ve had! Lots of good surgery and lovely patients coming to visit us through the last week. We had Panda the cheeky 5 month old Corgi who hoovers everything she comes across – she’s so quick! As a result she was feeling a little… Read more »

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 19/8/13

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 19/8/13 Well in case you haven’t heard, it is Dental Health Month at Prahran Vet! For the month of August we want to let you know how important dental health is for your pet. Signs of dental disease include, bad breath, drooling, missing or loose teeth and redness or… Read more »