Helping Our Pets Age With Dignity


Is your dog or cat aged eight or over?  Did you know that Prahran Veterinary Hospital offers a comprehensive health care program for our more senior patients?  Dr Diana Barker gives us an overview of the many benefits for ageing pets: We are all aware that our four-legged pals age more quickly than we do and it… Read more »

Don’t Get Ticked Off this Summer


We’re often told that deadly paralysis ticks don’t trouble pets in Melbourne, and by and large this is true. However we’ve seen a couple of atypical cases at Prahran already this summer,  one a puppy recently arrived from a breeder in NSW, and the other a dog whose owner’s purchased a plant in Gippsland and… Read more »

Farewell to Dr Carl Muller


This Christmas represents Dr Carl Muller’s last as a staff member at Prahran.  Whilst he will  continue to offer acupuncture for pets on a consultancy basis, we thought it a good time to revisit the history of Carl’s time at Prahran Vet Hospital, the practice he founded 40 years ago. Dr Carl Muller graduated from… Read more »

Osmond Grows Up

Osomon Says Hi

Hi it’s me Osmond. How are you? I hope you are well. I finally got to sit down and write to you to tell you how I’m going. In March I went to the SEDA Open Day in Kensington and met some of my lovely sponsors. It was such an amazing day and I just… Read more »

Jackson’s Christmas Letter

Hi, it’s me Jackson. I can’t believe it I’m turning one year old on the 24th of November. Happy Birthday to me!

Flea Supermarket Musings


Today I was in the supermarket and I decided to check out the flea treatments available.  I have had a few clients tell that their pets are on a flea treatment from the supermarket that only needs to be applied every three months and I was curious as to what that treatment might be. Turns… Read more »

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13

Prahran Vet Hospital – Weekly Scoop 26/8/13 What an interesting week we’ve had! Lots of good surgery and lovely patients coming to visit us through the last week. We had Panda the cheeky 5 month old Corgi who hoovers everything she comes across – she’s so quick! As a result she was feeling a little… Read more »