Achieving the best health care for your pet requires teamwork. That team consists of;

  • You. You know your pet better than we ever will. You notice things we can’t be there to see. You feed them and care for them before and after visits to us. You give any medicines we dispense. You give us the history that directs us to the problem.
  • Nurse Receptionist. This is the nurse that answers the phone and answers your query or books your appointment. This nurse greets you on arrival and helps to explain medication instructions.
  • General and Surgical Nurses. These nurses are the ones who monitor your pet during anaesthesia, and watch over it’s recovery. They care for patients who are hospitalised, ensuring they are comfortabe, taken to the toilet regularly and given plenty of TLC.
  • Our Vets. Our vets work as a team within the team, working together and calling on each other’s experience. Their duty of care does not end when your pet is discharged from hospital, or when the consultation has finished. They work hard to follow up cases and ensure problems are resolving as expected.

But the most important member of the team is you, and our main role at Prahran Vet Hospital is to support you in providing for the physical, medical and mental well being of your pet. Our success depends largely on the communication established between the all team members. We try our very best to maximise the flow of information in both directions and thereby achieve the best possible health outcome for your pet.

We are made up of :