What is a Cat Friendly Clinic?

cfc_logo_landscapeThe ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic scheme means that accredited clinics have reached a higher standard of cat care in that they:

  • • Understand the needs of cats and have made vet visits more cat-friendly
  • • Understand how to approach and handle cats gently and with care
  • • Have good knowledge and equipment to manage the care of cats

Achieving the Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation involves all staff, from cattery attendants, receptionists through to nurses and vets. Each accredited clinic also has at least one ‘Cat Advocate’ – someone who ensures the cat friendly standards are adhered to, and who would be happy to talk to you.  At Prahran Vet Hospital your advocate is Dr Jennie Heslop.

Cat Friendly Clinic standard … what does it mean for my cat and me?

An ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic gives you peace of mind and reassurance, letting you know that:new-kitten

  • • The clinic has achieved certain minimum accreditation standards
  • • The clinic and clinic staff have thought about the specific needs of cats
  • • The staff will be happy to talk with you, show you what they do, and show you around the clinic
  • What are the different levels of ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation?

  • Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation is at three levels – Bronze, Sliver and Gold. We have attained the highest standard, gold, because of our exceptional cat facilities and our higher level of feline friendly expertise. Full details of the requirements can be found on the International Cat Care website – www.icatcare.org

Staff at every accredited clinic have promised to handle and treat cats with understanding, gentleness and respect, and to make every effort to make the visit to the vet as stress-free for you and your cat as possible.