Become part of your pet’s team

Choose us if you want to be part of a team that achieves the best for your pet

Our triangular logo was not designed that way by chance. It represents the important three-sided relationship between us (the vet), you (the client) and your pet. By ensuring that all three of these elements are harmoniously aligned we stand to deliver the best possible healthcare for your beloved pet; that is our aim, always.


So, how do we do achieve the “best for your pet”?

You will always find us friendly and professional, we will work hard to understand your point of view and deliver care that meets your expectations (in other words, we will treat you with empathy).  We will communicate with you in a way that is both open and effective, whilst respectful of the immeasurable bond that exists between you and your pet.  These are our core values and the standards we hold ourselves to; be assured they represent a guarantee for you, your family and your beloved pet.

They’re your family, but we’ll treat them like ours

The extra cuddles we give our sick patients; the attention to detail during a routine health examination; our rich pool of expertise.  These are some of the qualities that make our people your pet’s ideal team mates, when it comes to their health.  We can’t wait to meet you

Exceptional care demands exceptional facilities

Our purpose-built hospital opened for operation in 2005. This redeveloped facility has been built and appointed to the highest standards in veterinary design, it plays a crucial role in our status as a nationally recognised ASAVA Hospital of Excellence.

A spacious and comfortable reception zone, three consultation rooms, a large central treatment area and hospital facilities to comfortably accommodate 25 patients (including those requiring critical care or isolation nursing), designated rooms for diagnostic imaging, dental treatment and a sterile operating theatre mean both you and your pet will experience industry-leading facilities during your visit.

Take the virtual tour of the hospital to see what excellence in animal health looks like.